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MN Zoo - Russia's Grizzly Coast

  • This project consists of two different bodies of water, one salt water and the other fresh water.
  • We employed the use of Titanium heat exchangers to maintain critical water temperatures, high purity water filter system including UV and Ozone generation for sanitizing the water.
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Sanford School

  • New middle school addition and building remodel
  • Project consisted of three new classrooms and remodeling three existing
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Capital Cooling Tower

  • Provided maintenance on four Tower Tech Cooling Towers including:
    • Removal and replacement of tower fill media and drift eliminators
    • Cleaning and sealing of tower basins
    • Upgraded internal water piping distribution and nozzle replacement
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Higher Ground

  • 7 story new Construction homeless shelter.
  • All underground piping was supported from structural concrete slab due to poor soil conditions
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Edina Park Plaza

  • Providing Mechanical and Plumbing Services for the 18 story senior living facility. The upper floors of the building were occupied during the entire project.
  • The lower three levels of the building are now Memory Care units.
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600 18th Ave Remodel

  • Replaced the complete waste and vent plumbing system of a 256 unit apartment unit.
  • We replace the piping from the corridor side of each unit restroom not to disturb the finishes in each unit. Each unit had functional systems at each day.
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Skyline Tower

  • Remodel of a 24 story, 504 Unit apartment building in St. Paul while maintaining occupancy.
  • Replaced approximately 10 miles of waste and vent piping and water piping throughout the entire building while having plumbing system operable at the end of each day.
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Webber Pool

  • The largest outdoor pool located in Minnesota and the only swimming pool in the United States that utilizes natural ponds as a method of filtering the pool water.
  • There are no chemicals added to the pool water.
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Riverview Apartments

  • This project consists of a 42 unit, three story senior assisted living apartment building with underground parking.
  • Located within a couple blocks from the VA hospital, this apartment utilized A.D.A. roll-in showers, A.D.A. water closets, lavatories and kitchen sinks.
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West Broadway Crescent

  • New construction of a 3 story, 54 unit apartment unit apartment complex.
  • Project was completed during the winter months without any delays to the schedule.
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MAC Restroom Upgrades

  • Built (2) new large gang public restrooms and one pet relief area which contained a fire hydrant for your pets.
  • Work was coordinated during day and night hours accommodate airport operations.
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5th Ave Towers

  • Occupied heating rehabilitation of 254 apartment units
  • Upgraded control valves and thermostats for finned-tube radiation.
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  • 220 apartment units
    • New kitchen sink, lavatory faucets, stove hoods
  • Replaced all domestic water, sanitary waste and vent piping.
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Hiawatha Light Rail Maintenance Facility

  • Installed 168 well ground source geothermal heating and cooling system to serve the building
  • Infrared heating system installed throughout the facility
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